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To make a referral, we request all records pertinent to the reason for the consult including labs, surgery and pathology, radiology results, and physician notes.

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Electronic Referrals

Alliance Cancer Specialists is now sending and receiving electronic referrals. If your office has the capability, please keep our direct address in your records:

Call or Fax Referrals

For the Greater Philadelphia Division
Phone: 215-612-5250
Fax: 855-720-6876

BuxMont Division: Sellersville
Phone: 215-453-3300
Fax: 215-453-3306

HemOnc Group: Langhorne
Fax: 215-750-6514

HOA Division: Ridley Park
Phone: 610-521-2010
Fax: 610-521-3753


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