Patient, Stephen (Steve) E. Medvec, Ph.D.
A Local Professor Is Grateful to His Oncologist

As a professor of political science with Holy Family University, I sometimes travel for business. On a trip in October 2008, I noticed that I was constantly running to the facilities to urinate and my sleep was becoming disruptive. My frequent urge to urinate continued to the point where I feared to leave my home for fear of an ‘accident’ and scheduled a check-up with my family physician.

After a series of tests and visits to specialists, it was determined that I had early stages of prostate cancer and that the cancer also appeared in my lymph nodes. That’s when I met Moshe C. Chasky, M.D., FACP. I was so terrified, but Dr. Chasky, being very kind, explained with great patience to me the illness I had and the additional concern about the discovery of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He also led me through the process that he had prescribed for my treatment.

Starting in June of 2009, I began chemotherapy at Alliance Cancer Specialists. My protocol included six sessions of chemotherapy that lasted for some eight hours per session, every third week.

I was determined to live, to survive for my wife, Alexandra, my brothers, and my students, to follow the regimen of Dr. Chasky and of his marvelous staff of nurses and administrators. Everyone was so enormously kind, thorough, professional, and concerned for my well-being.

Thank you so very much, Dr. Chasky and your team, for your magnificent care of me, your encouragement, and your devotion to your patients.



Patient, William O’Farrell | Bensalem Office

Submitted by the son of patient, William O’Farrell:

Time stood still the day my father, William O’Farrell, was diagnosed with lung cancer. We were all scared, confused, and unsure where my father should go for answers and treatment. Dr. Chasky then walked into my father’s hospital room. He sat down and began to explain my father’s disease and how it should be treated. His caring and positive attitude instantly put my father at ease. We researched other cancer centers and considered all of our options; however, we decided to stay at Alliance Cancer Specialists with Dr. Chasky taking on the role as my father’s quarterback. From that point on, we have never second guessed this decision.

By the grace of God, my father has been living with his cancer for over four years, thanks in part to the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Chasky. Through all of the ups and downs of my father’s journey, Dr. Chasky has been right by his side. He helped my father stay positive through the various bumps in the road along the way. He can regularly be reached at a moment’s notice. It feels as though my father is his only patient. I have never encountered a doctor who is as accessible and compassionate as Dr. Chasky. We actually view Dr. Chasky as an extended member of our family. Not many people can say this about their oncologist.

Alliance Cancer Center also conveys an atmosphere of caring and support. It is as though they are in the fight right along with all of their patients. The nurses are all very knowledgeable about the various types of chemotherapy they administer. They are kind and always walk around with smiles on their faces. They remember each person by name.

The volunteers are also friendly and provide a much needed distraction by engaging the patients in conversation while, at the same time, getting them various items that help make them more comfortable during their treatment. The “Love Kitchen” is always stocked with all sorts of goodies for the patients and family members.

My family, especially my father, can not imagine going through this journey without Dr. Chasky and Alliance Cancer Specialists. We owe them a debt of gratitude that could never be repaid.



Patient, Bartley L. Stein

Dear Dr. Zipin, Dr. Alden, PA. Jen Hodges, kind Nursing Staff and all the others who helped;

When I was referred to your clinic for treatment I was truly in a dark place, feeling frightened and without hope.
Diagnosis of Cancer is a shock, almost paralyzing. One previous treatment elsewhere had been so heavy-handed that I had given up all hope and was resigned to a dismal fate. When I first saw you, despite your assurances I remained skeptical. But under your careful administration and gentle treatments I gradually began to feel better. It was hard to believe but true. After several months I started looking forward to clinic visits. It was after the treatments I felt my best. Slowly you all pulled me out of the hole I was in.

Dr.Zipin, your research paid off. Your choice of medications brought me to a point that I thought would never come. I have been lifted out of the darkness back into the light. I have my life back. My wife and family and I never expected to be served so outstandingly. There is no praise grand enough I can offer you and your staff for giving me my life back. Although no one can know the future I accept every day as a wonderful gift. When I thought life was over, it was instead a new beginning. Thank you all for staying by me in the dark days and bringing me to a place where I feel so good. My quality of life has so improved that I am able to eat and sleep normally and have even been able to go back to work. No price can be placed on the bright feeling of optimism about one’s life and future. It is like living in a fantasy that has come true. Thank you from my heart.

Bartley L. Stein,
Prostate Cancer Survivor



Patient, Alice Myers

How do I feel about the nurses and staff at Alliance Cancer Specialists? Wonderful!
They’re a great help not only with the treatment, but with your peace of mind. They answer your questions, never making you feel it was silly to ask. They certainly know how to put you at ease! When you receive the news that you have cancer, you need a team of caring people like the wonderful staff at Alliance. I could not do this without all of them.

Thank you!



Patient, Jules C. Winistorfer

About nine years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. As you might imagine, I was devastated. My family physician, Brian K. Stein, referred me to Alliance Cancer Specialists.

My first impression of the staff was one of professionalism, competence and caring; they were friendly and courteous. There are too many to single out by name, but over the years I’ve come to view some of them as not just caregivers, but friends.

I credit the team of Dr. Frederick Dold (chemo guru) and Dr. Eric Gressen (radiation) with saving my life. Dr. Dold declared me cancer free about two years ago. Of course, nobody knows what the future holds, but whatever time I have left, I owe it to these two great guys and their helpers.